We exist to provide palliative support to terminal patients. We are a not for profit charity that believes that together,

A Gift Keeps Giving 

We Can Make a Difference.

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Our mission is to provide palliative support to terminal patients and their families.

One of the most important ways we offer support is by paying for private care for families unable to afford it, but who still want to keep their family member at home.  So often loved ones are unable to give round the clock care in those final hours and, with your ongoing support, A Gift Keeps Giving is able to help patients remain in their home. Together, we do that by providing trained, skilled caregivers at the bedside delivering care and support to the patient and the family.  Your donation helps to keep people at home where they want to be, instead of dying in the hospital or other health facility because they didn't have the money for expensive, private, in home care.

We support terminal patients by providing integrative therapies on an ongoing basis, including massage therapy, pet therapy, acupuncture, and other modalities, and by paying for medications or treatments not otherwise covered by insurance providers. Support may be in the form of paying for transportation to a special event or maybe making possible a trip for family members to say goodbye.

With your help, A Gift Keeps Giving is able to continue to provide care and services to support hospice patients in whatever manner improves the quality of that particular patient's end of life.